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To keep the site unbiased, I get no money from dealers.
If the data is useful, I hope you will consider paying for it. Thank you!

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Wow, am I glad to see you on this page!

You see, I want to offer this information for free to everyone, as well as keeping it up-to-date and unbiased. I want it to be the go-to resource for people about to place orders with bullion dealers. But to keep up with it, I need help getting the word out, and I need to justify the time (and money) I put into this. Having ads on the site won't do, as I would have to either 'vet' bullion dealers, or allow any to advertise -- which could lead visitors right to the bad guys!

The money I spend isn't huge. The time, though, really adds up. And to remain unbiased, I refuse to accept any money (or compensation of any sort) from the bullion dealers.

So I am thinking this can be a win-win situation. I provide you information that could potentially save you a fortune, and if you can afford it (and have not lost money to Tulving or another dealer), you pay me a small fee.

Alternatively, if you appreciate the site but are not donating, could you do me a favor? Let others know about the site. That will help everyone. Spread the word in forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or whereever you hang out.

To be clear, this is payment for the data I am providing; I am not a non-profit organization or charity.

[DONATION LINKS REMOVED; the experiment did not succeed. I do thank the several generous people who donated. However, after over 5 months, the total amount received covered about 1/6th of my expenses, and none of my time. ]

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