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Dealer Data on Monex Precious Metals

NameMonex Precious Metals (Newport Beach, CA)
Address4910 Birch Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660
OwnersLouis E. Carabini (Agent)
Michael Carabini (CEO)
Brian Jenkins (CFO)
BBBA+ (1-year: 2, 3-year: 5). BBB complaints do not indicate a pattern of problems
BCAAAA (3-year: 2). Both complaints were nearly 2 years old
UCCYes: Several banks have secured all Monex assets.
GovtActionYes: Had an SEC consent issue in 1974.
Had a CFTC cease-and-desist in 1984 (CFTC 84-50; $125,000 fine).
Currently under investigation by the CFTC (2014).
NFACFTCYes: Numerous CFTC reparation sanctions, that appear to be from the late 1970s to early 1990s.
LeverageYes: Seems to be typically 30% down.
StorageYes: Does not state if storage is allocated, segregated, and/or insured.
CommissionYes: "Monex sales representatives are paid more for their customers’ financed trades."
CommentsAccording to Forbes, 'Monex has a long history of suing and being sued'.
IRS won a $378M judgement against PCCE, Inc.
In September 2017 the CFTC filed a lawsuit alleging $290M fraud.

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