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So you're wondering what this site is about and who I am, right?

I go by the name Joshua Gibbons, and I helped expose the Tulving fiasco starting about 4 months before The Tulving Company filed for bankruptcy. I closely followed the situation, and kept updating my website (about.ag), when no other websites would cover it. I believe I was instrumental in getting The Tulving Company to file for bankruptcy; Hannes Tulving, Jr. closed up shop and went to his bankruptcy attorney the day after I made a public plea for him to do so. Since then, I have been closely following the bankruptcy and helping out creditors.

I then started investigating other bullion companies that went bankrupt (or had serious issues like government sanctions), and discovered close to 100 bullion companies that failed over the years (not including ones that simply went out of business normally).

I realized customers need to know the warning signs. I realized that I have the skills to investigate companies in a way most customers don't have the skills (or time) to. And given my coverage of the Tulving fiasco, I maybe -- just maybe -- might be able to help a bunch of people to prevent the fate that Tulvings' recent customers are going through.

I should also mention that a key aspect of this site is that I receive no compensation of any sort from any of these companies (not even a 'free shipping' coupon), nor do I have any ads on this site, to keep it unbiased. I am hoping that you will consider paying for the data (but only if you have not been burned by a bullion dealer in the past). If the site brings in enough money, I will be able to spend the time needed to keep up-to-date with the goings-on of all these bullion dealers.


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